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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Points2Shop July Payment

Got my $10 Amazon gift card payment from Points2Shop recently and I thought I'd share it with everyone. Now you know two things: 1. I'm still alive. 2. Points2Shop pays out and continues to pay out like they have for several years now.
In fact here are my statistics from over the years:

Cash is obvious, but points divided by 100 (100 = $1 USD) mean I've made another $176 for a total of $466! Free money that I'm sure if you found in your pants pocket you'd go bonkers over right now. I know I would. Anyway, if you like free money check out Points2Shop, be sure to verify your email and all that and spend some time on the site. Do a survey, watch some videos, etc. They've got friendly staff and people chatting it up all the time more than willing to assist you make money. How great is that? Yeah, pretty great. Check them out and you'll see why they just signed up their 5 millionth member!

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