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Monday, July 16, 2012

Another $100 Amazon Gift Card from SuperPoints

So, it appears as though rather than email you the code, SuperPoints is now just putting the code into your account, so that you can log in and copy and paste it into your Amazon account. Except that it would have been nice to have gotten some notice. It wasn't until I was trying to figure out what happened to my order that I looked and saw a code sitting in my account. I guess all well that ends well, but it would have been nice to know since there was something that I wanted to buy from Amazon and it was nearly half off of retail ($1100 down to about $650) and I would have gladly put in the extra couple of hundred dollars, but now it's back up over $700 and that I wasn't ok with, though, mostly because I hope that it drops again.
Anyway, join in if you want a shot at earning free gift cards, it's free, real easy and only takes a couple minutes a day for your shot to earn points.


pompom1996 said...

How much time did it take you to redeem that much? I tried for a month but i barely had enough for 5$ amazon GC, I think i'll just drop superpoints, and go with either gifthulk or some other site.

Red The Impaler said...

They used to take me two months, but because of the new rule changes it took me two months to get $50. It's still free money just to hit a button, so I'll never turn it down. You should stick with it, just tell everyone you know and you'll see it goes a little faster.