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Thursday, May 10, 2012

SuperPoints Tips and Tricks of the Pros

I've been using SuperPoints for several years and I've made nearly $1000 from the site in that time, but nearly half of that has come in the past year or so. Now, I'm going to pass along a few tips and tricks to make you more successful, so that you too, can make $20+ per month in no time (I'm currently averaging about $50/month), but know that the first few months may be lean. You're building towards a bigger thing, Rome wasn't built in a day, cliche, cliche, etc. I'm currently the 21st highest earning member, in case you were wondering what makes me qualified to write this, I was as high as number four at one point. So, here are the beginner's basics, everything you need to know about getting points absolutely 100% free with little to no effort.:
For the Beginning User
1. Sign up for SuperPoints (obviously, right?)

2. Validate your email address and be sure to opt-in for SuperPoints emails. The reason for this is in order to increase your membership level you first need to validate your email and the reason you opt-in for email is because they send emails everyday with points in them ranging anywhere from 1-400 (100=$1 USD) it also serves as a reminder to click the SuperLucky Button the easiest way to earn points, more below. Don't worry about spam because they send one email a day and the very occasional email offering up major points for doing something like buying a bouquet of flowers. I mean maybe once a month you get an additional email from them, it's very rare.

3. Once you're in, make sure that you hit the SuperLucky Button. Your membership level determines the amount of times you're able to click the Button per day. In order to increase your level you need to invite new users, fill out your entire profile, etc. Really basic things. Now, you won't win every single time you click the Button, but there are winners every few seconds and the laws of probability are in your favor with the more clicks you have, so do your best to increase your levels. The image below is the Button:
4. Watch videos. At the top of the page you will see the words 'Get Points' hover over that and you will see 'Watch Videos' appear in a little drop down menu. Thusly:
Click there and watch some videos, pretty self-explanatory. You'll also find more videos under offers, seek those out if you like, you may want to stay away from the non-video stuff. That's the more advanced lesson.

5. Maybe more important than anything else, tell a friend. Tell them all, sing it from the rooftops, the mountain tops, maybe even the muffin tops. Tell anyone who will listen, but don't spam because that'll get you banned. Explain the basics to them, you could even send them back here to read this. This will bring good fortune upon thee. All you need is a few friends to play daily or at least regularly and you will begin to see the points adding up. It's nickel and diming your way to gift cards, Paypal, or gifts, whatever you choose as your prize, but with a little stick-to-it-iveness you'll start to see magic. Here's where and how it happens, it's math everybody!:

You tell 5 friends about SuperPoints, they win 10 points per day for a total of 50 points daily and you can earn a $5.00 Amazon gift card (or other gift card of your choosing) in under 10 days (doesn't seem like much, but it's a couple minutes out of your day to hit that button and it's $5 more than you started off with), this doesn't even include what you would be winning. Increase that friend total to 10 and decrease your time to gift card by half. 10 friends x 10 points per day= 100 points per day, 500 is required for a gift card, so five days until you hit the number. The numbers get crazier the more friends you have and the more points they win. Let's look at this scenario: 25 friends x 20 points per day = 500 points per day, or 1 $5 gift card a day a $25 gift card once a week or about $100 per month. Is that reasonable, maybe depends on your ability to influence people and attract friends, but I can tell you this. The top 5 people right now have anywhere from 500 to 3600 friends. I don't know how they do it, but I know if they can, I can, anyone can, we can. Yes, we can. (Sorry, I had to throw that in there)

In any case, that's the biggest factor on your ability to make yourself a little extra spending money or just getting things for free. Put it in your email signature, tell people how you're making x amount of money just for clicking a button a few times a day. When you send an email they may be curious and ask you about it, sign up and help you on your way.

6. Tasks and Surveys - Tasks are one of the newer things SuperPoints offers, they usually involve stuff like searching via a search engine and putting up links to whatever comes up, it could be answering questions regarding search results, or any of a number of things, this is free to try and they can be fairly time consuming, so be aware of this. There are a variety of different tasks to choose from, so if you decide to do them pick one you're willing to spend said time on. Tasks are found on the 'Matomy' offer wall and are clearly labeled.

Surveys are exactly what they sound like, surveys from various companies, they come via email, so you have to sign up for these and they're based on your profile. I've tried offers and I've completed surveys, if you want to increase your points, these are good options, but they are, um, optional and not necessary. I haven't done either one in probably a year. Could I increase the amount I make if I did, of course, but I don't always have the time to do them as they are time consuming. Therefore, check them out and if you like having the option, do them, if not it's not at all necessary, you can still make a bunch without them.
Advance Lessons
Offers - (Refer to the picture to find them, they're under the watch videos option) If you know what you're doing relating to offers go ahead and try them out. For example if you're going to sign up for Netflix anyway, you may as well get a little bit back for doing it, SuperPoints offers you a few hundred points to sign up. There are plenty more offers for nearly everything under the sun. Choose wisely, be aware that these require a credit card and realize once you've got a card involved you could be inviting trouble. Be judicious I don't recommend this step for everyone.
Some offers may be as simple as entering your email address for the 'whatever of the day' be it joke, coupons, etc. those are ok, but you will find yourself with a lot of extra email. You can sign up and check them out and if you choose not to stick with it eventually unsubscribe, that's your decision to make. There are tons of offers, different options , every size, color, and shape. If you have any interest be sure to check out your options, weigh them carefully, and decide whether it's of value to you. If you choose to do the offers know this:

*You must be legitimately interested in the service, you cannot sign up and cancel right away, that's considered fraud and they will potentially ban you for this.

 *You must sign up using your legitimate information, emails and all that good stuff must match up, otherwise you may not be credited your points.

 *Keep track of confirmation emails, if you run into problems you will have to show these to support to get your points. If you like this please share it with your friends. Please follow me on Twitter @rifs_blog. I post SuperPoint Bonus invitations there frequently, if you're holding out. If you think I left out anything or have further questions drop a comment. Thanks, good luck, and safe travels.

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