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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

50 Bonus SuperPoints, Fresh Invite for May 9

Got a fresh invite worth a bonus 50 SuperPoints here for you. Third one I've offered up in as many days, I don't know who posts more invites than I do. If you want them fresh off the button please follow me on Twitter @rifs_blog I post them almost immediately there, then they come to the blog if I have a moment. I also post codes for SwagBucks, GiftHulk, iRazoo and more. Give me a follow please. Thanks and enjoy the bonus points and the gift card or cash or whatever you get with your points eventually. Just remember, hit the button everyday, read the daily email and check out the occasional free video and you'll get points every single day, but more important than any of those things, tell all your friends and if you get just 5 people and they win 10 points a day each you'll have 50 points a day (not including what you win) and in about a week you've got $5.00, in a month about $20.00 and who couldn't use a free $20 a month for hitting a button a few times a day? The more people you tell the more you earn and the bigger and better the site gets.

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