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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gift Hulk Invites

Just checked out Gift Hulk and signed up because it looks like a pretty good site, if you're familiar with SwagBucks and iRazoo then you definitely need to give it a whirl. You can earn points via surveys, tasks, search & win, videos, referrals, and other ways. Including:
Search & Win! Search with GiftHulk Search and win Hulk Coins and other prizes! Yes, you can win just by searching! Participate in free web surveys Fill out fast and easy surveys – a couple of minutes for easy Hulk Coins. Perform short and free tasks Short and easy tasks from all around the world – contribute and earn Hulk Coins. Toolbar Take GiftHulk with you as you surf the Web – one click away from winning! Complete offers Various offers – from just checking out the sites to signing up for great deals. Treasure Box Use the Treasure Keys and win Hulk Coins, Gift Cards, Gifts, Treasure Codes, Boosts, Store Discounts and more Invite friends You’ll not only share with your friends all the great benefits of GiftHulk but also get 20% of everything they earn! Earn EZ Coins Special offers and tasks especially selected for you by our team! Daily Poll Take a quick and easy Poll each day and earn Hulk Coins!. PlayGround Compete against other users in various fame – the best ones will earn huge amounts of Hulk Coins! Plus Instant gift card wins!
Sounds good to me, so I'm all over it and I'll chronicle my findings on just how good the site really is and of course post screen captures of my proof as they come in. In the meantime if you want to check it out with me, just click on the banner below. Thanks for reading and good luck! GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way

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