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Thursday, May 26, 2011

SuperPoints Intrduces Super Lucky Email; Another Way to Earn Points

SuperPoints announced this just two days ago:

Superpoints members, say hello to SuperLucky Mail! The newest easy way for our members to earn Superpoints!

We will be sending 1 daily email (no more than 1 per day, but may be less than 1) to each of our members who have validated their email account. EVERY email sent WILL contain points ranging in value from 1 to 450. This means NO EMAIL IS A LOSER!

To redeem your daily points all you need to do is open your email, display the image and click the link which will log you in to your Superpoints account and assign your points. That’s it! Daily points for checking your email, which you’re probably doing anyway.

We said it would be easy.

Please note, although we wish we could guarantee delivery, Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, filter mail and although we do everything we can to deliver every piece of mail, we can’t always get it delivered. The only solution we have at the moment is for you to write a complain to your ISP if you continue to not receive our email. Also be sure you add our address (contact@superpointsmail.com) to your address book. Adding our address to your address book creates that extra layer of confirmation you really do wish to receive our email.

So, if you're a member, but never verified your email address, this is a great reason to and if you're not a member, I've got invites for you below. I already got my first email and I'm a 25 SuperPoint winner. I'm currently at 7090 SuperPoints, which is about $71 and all I do is click the SuperLucky Button and watch videos, nothing more and nothing less, so if this is going to get me even more points, I'm all in. Here's a picture of the email:

All you do is click on the image and it logs you in and gives you your points, couldn't be easier, seriously.

Now, if you want in on this action here are some invitations:


Enjoy and good luck! Questions or comments? Just leave'em below.

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