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Monday, March 14, 2011

SuperPoints Invites Happy Pi Day 3.14 Edition

It's Pi day, 3.14, and half of the SuperPoints Invites I put up last week were taken (though, none were claimed with a comment), so I'm going to put up more just because I <3 you guys. So, while three of the others in last weeks post are still valid, I don't know which ones they are, so I'm going to spare you the trouble and just post more. Besides those expire in 4 days or so and these will be good for a week. Here's three more, sign up while the fees are waived and before they add all the new good prizes they're talking about. I'm already up to 600+ points, so I'm good for another $5 Amazon gift card, but I'll wait until I hit $10 because that's a nicer number. Remember, if you find this post after these invites have expired, just use the search box above to find a more recent post with newer, fresher invites. I post them every few days, so there won't be a time when I don't have some for you. I got tons to give out.



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