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Monday, February 7, 2011

Carhartt Contest Win

I thought I had posted about the Carhartt contest a few months ago, it was a daily entry thing where the more people entered the better the prizes got with the grand prize being a Ducati motorcycle. I guess not. Anyway, I managed to win a Carhartt workshirt back in late November or early December and it got here just a few days ago. That's what you see in the picture above.(I had a screen capture, but my laptop had to be wiped clean because it got a virus or because Windows is whack, oh well.) It's a really nice shirt and though I don't work in a garage or anything doing manual labor. (I mostly sit behind a computer all day) I think I can wear it to work and get away with it. Anyway, part of the reason I'll posting about contests and stuff because if I can get this stuff, anyone can. You've just got to have a good system in place to do it. I'll provide my tips to you to be able to win. Like I said in another post somewhere, sharing is caring. In return I don't ask much, a subscription, click on a link here and there if it interests you, buy something from the Amazon store in the upper right corner, etc. If not, it's cool, enjoy the blog and leave a comment especially if I steer you to a win or something.

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