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Thursday, November 11, 2010

SuperPoints Update and Invitations

So, good news and bad news about SuperPoints. First, you know they're back, but they're continuing to introduce more features beginning with the SuperLucky Button. Now, the invite system is live. I'll let the blog post explain it all:

It’s been awhile since anyone could create a new account for Superpoints, but after much ado, it’s finally here.

After a lot of thought about how to reward loyal users, while keeping the system free from cheating (which takes away from everyone else) we have significantly updated the way that invites are issued and redeemed.

The biggest change that’s happening in the invite / referral system is that we’re now going to charge a $9.95 annual membership fee to new members. We learned a few things about consumer behavior since we first launched, and unfortunately good people lost out on lots of opportunities to earn by people that were less than honest in their use of the site. But there’s a silver lining (keep reading):

* If you’re already a Superpoints member, there is no annual membership fee for the first year if you sign into the site within the next 30 days. If you don’t sign in within 30 days, your “old” account will be deleted. We’ll send a notice to everyone about this soon.
* Once you’re in (old members and new members), you have the ability to invite a limited number of people (based on your membership level). As a member, you get to curate who else gets to earn points with (and for) you. The more people you get to sign up, the more invites you get.
* For EVERY person that becomes a member from your invites or tokens, we’ll put $5 of Superpoints in your account. You’ll also get $1.75 from the people that they get to sign up, and $.25 from their friends too.

Almost all of the $9.95 that we’re collecting from new members goes back to you (and them!) in the form of points and rewards. We feel like it’s a fair deal to provide the service for only 3 cents a day (actually less), while giving users the opportunity to earn back more than their membership fee by simply getting 2 other people to join. This way, everyone wins.

We’re trying to take a decidedly pr0-member approach to this new system. First, we have decided not to set up the membership fee as a “recurring” charge, which means when your annual renewal comes around, you will have to actively keep your subscription current (no surprise charges on your credit card!). Also, by having a small annual fee, we won’t be dependent on mass-mailings and garbage promotions to keep the lights on. That means that we can really focus on bringing you the BEST, most relevant opportunities to earn points, whether it’s taking surveys or, reading the occasional email (oh, and you can opt out of those too) or participating in some of the fun new ideas we’ll be rolling out.

In addition to earning points for everyone you refer to the site, we’re also adding great new partners every day for taking surveys (points from your friends there too), completing offers, and watching videos. We’ve had a number of requests to bring back LuckySearch, so we’ll do a poll soon to see if you want it…. and with the new member structure, we can also do some great new variants on the Reward Ladder.

We’re going to try and add new ways to add points a couple times a month, as well as some great discounts, more rewards, and more fun than ever. I hope you like it.

As always, thanks for using Superpoints.



So, if you're interested in becoming a member check out this link. It's limited to the first person who uses it, so if that's you please let me know and I'll post a new link for another person to use. And so on and so forth. Check them out or stick around and I'll keep you posted on all the latest and greatest regarding SuperPoints.

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