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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iRazoo Updates Points System

iRazoo has been around for a couple of years or so. They are what's called a "Human Powered Search Engine" meaning you get searches tailored to what you think should come up, not what the engine itself deems is most important or most relevant.

Anyway, I've been a member of iRazoo for a while, but I've only won $5 once (July of 2008) and it seemed like the winnings were going to be few and far between because of their point system (instant Amazon gift card wins were like once a day, so the odds were stacked against you), but now they've restructured their points system here's what it now looks like straight from their login page:

New - Earn points for finding and entering iRazoo Treasure Codes into the MyAccount page. Each iRazoo Treasure code is worth a different amount of points and Treasure Codes are only available at certain times. The Treasure codes can be found on the iRazoo Facebook page, iRazoo Blog, iRazoo Message Board, iRazoo MyAccount page, or iRazoo search results pages. Enter the Treasure Code during the correct time period into the MyAccount page and your points will automatically be updated.

A REMINDER ABOUT THE NEW POINTS MATCHING SYSTEM - Even more important, you will automatically earn matching points each time your friend earns points. For example, if your friend wins 75 points while searching, you will also get 75 points added to your account as well, up to a cap of 1500 points per friend.

In other words it's a lot more like SwagBucks. Now, on to the things that you really care about, what free gift cards they offer: iRazoo offers up several prizes and a few gift cards namely a $25 iTunes Gift Card, a $25 Best Buy gift card, and a $5 Amazon.com gift card. Not much by comparison to some of the other sites, but a free gift card is a free gift card and I'm all about that. Also, they have far more frequent $5 Amazon gift cards being given away, so that's always an option. Anyhow, at least give them a look.

And if you're interested users can only redeem for prizes if you're from the U.S., Canada, or the U.K.

I will be sure to keep you all posted with my progress.

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