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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Just Won 14 Swag Bucks on www.swagbucks.com

I Just Won 14 Swag Bucks on www.swagbucks.com Over 100 SwagBucks towards my next gift card already, I'm hoping to be able to claim another one by early next week with some luck and try for a fourth one this month. I'm trying to get lucky here. By the way for the record, I've already claimed 11 gift cards this year making for $55 worth of gift cards in 2010! I know everyone complains about this being a nickel and dime way to get gift cards, but if I gave you $55 worth in four months, would you turn them down? I mean, I'm not going out of my way to get them, I'm using the search engine and every now and then if there's a Swagcode out there and I've got time to track it down I will, otherwise, I'm OK. Anyway, two more coming to me and more being earned as we speak, so that makes me a happy kind of panda.

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