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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free OXO Utensil Ordered From Points2Shop!

That's right, I've ordered myself up another fantastic little prize from the awesome folks over at Points2Shop. This time a little something for the kitchen: a Good Grips OXO Rolling Pin. It cost me a smidge over $26 worth of points, but since it's coming for free I'm just going to sit and wait for it to show up and then make some cinnamon rolls. No good cook should be without their vital tools. So, now I wait for them to approve my purchase and when they do I know Amazon will send it to me rather quickly. So, if you like free stuff the way I'm sure you probably do, check out Points2Shop, they'll give you anything from Amazon.com for free and as I always say, there is no better price than free. Also, check out the proof I've put all over the site, I wouldn't tell you about the site if they weren't coming through for me. I love them because they've hooked me up with over $200 worth of stuff, probably closer to $250, but that's neither here nor there. The point is that you should finish reading this and head on over to Points2Shop (using my links preferably) sign up, verify your information and get started on the road to free stuff. Yay!


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