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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Cards For Free: SuperLucky Button Big Win Day Was Exactly That

Gift Cards For Free: SuperLucky Button Big Win Day Was Exactly That

So, I tried to spread the word and the wealth about the SuperLucky Button Big Win Day this past Friday and, well, for me it was just that because I won not once, but twice for the big wins. I've got the proof since without it no one would ever believe me. Those are the two pictures above. Now, if you do the points conversion math, I won $100 worth of points (I also won smaller points prizes and 50 points for a search, so it was a huge day), which I will request a $100 Amazon gift card. This reminds me that I never posted the three $5 Amazon gift cards that they sent me when I last cashed out. They were kind enough to combine them and instead sent me a $15 gift card. Either way, for the past month, I've had nothing but tremendous success with LuckySearch and the SuperLucky Button in particular. In any case, the proof is in the pictures and I would hope that you check them out (especially using my links) so that we all win. Good luck and enjoy your free gift cards! As always, thanks for reading and let me know if you're a winner, too. I like to hear about the other people who are winning free stuff.

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