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Thursday, October 1, 2009

SuperLucky Button Win Proof

Ok, I managed to win 5 points on my first try out when I posted a couple days ago. Yesterday, I was too busy to get a chance to take the time to hit the SuperLucky Button. Today on my third try I won 15 points! Hey, you might say not a big deal, but again if even 10 of your friends did this everyday, you'd have a gift card once a week. How can you argue with that? And I'm not even done, I've still got a ton of clicks. Anyway, there's a picture of my 15 point win. I hope you give it a shot and remember that you get more clicks when you invite more friends to join LuckySearch. It's a great site and as I approach $300 in gift cards won/earned from them, I realize that with friends it is so much easier to get free stuff, and the best part is that they're not left out because they're getting them, too. It's win-win! We all get in on the action! Check it out at the very least. Also, if you're lost. You need to join LuckySearch, go to your account, hover over the section that says "Home", then click where it says SuperLucky Button. Then click away!

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