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Friday, October 16, 2009

Big SuperLucky Button Win Proof! Check It Out!

So, as usual I wanted to use my SuperLucky Button clicks and this time it really paid off in the form of 1,000 points! That's equal to about $10! It is my single biggest win from LuckySearch by far and I'm sure it makes the person whom I signed up under very happy because he or she just won himself $10 as well. That's right when you tell a friend and they win, you win the same prize. When someone wins from a search it's different, friends of friends, and so on and so forth to five levels down everyone gets a small share of those points. Now, I've been telling anyone and everyone who will listen for the past year or so about LuckySearch and it's been nothing but successful for everyone involved. I see weekly that one of my friends is cashing out for gift cards. It's awesome and the simple fact that I've made about $300 from this site over the past year means that it's a really great way to get free gift cards and gifts without spending a single penny. Please, if you like free stuff, you've got the check out LuckySearch and even if you don't use the search engine, tell some friends about the SuperLucky Button and you can win everyday, maybe you'll even win 1000 points or more, I saw someone win 5000 points not that long ago, so there are great prizes to be had, but you've got to try it to win it.

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