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Thursday, September 3, 2009

SuperPoints Gift Card Received! Proof LuckySearch Still Delivers

free amazon gift card proof from superpoints luckysearch

So, you'll recall my post a couple days ago, or if not just look down...on the page not at your feet and you'll see it. I requested an Amazon gift card and lo and behold within about 24 hours I received it. Gotta love SuperPoints for that SuperFast delivery (see what I did there?) because other sites could take nearly two weeks to get you a gift card, but SuperPoints (LuckySearch) hooked me up real quick. Anyway, thanks to them I'll be able to buy myself something nice. Now, I'll just go back to trying to earn some more gift cards. Checking my stats on the site, I've won 28,440 points which is the equivalent of $284 (USD) in under two years of membership. An average of over $10/month, which isn't too shabby if you ask me. Anyway, if you haven't checked out SuperPoints yet, please do, they're more than one of my favorite sites and I use them daily because Google doesn't pay back like LuckySearch does.

Remember install the plug-in if you sign up, that way you can search from your browser toolbar. Out of sight, out of mind and you'll never win that way. Also, tell your friends because when they win, you win too. I've got tons of friends who make a fair amount of money because they promote this to everyone they know.

Those are my friendly tips for you. Remember that you can win if you don't try. It's easy, it's free and best of all it's going to pay you, just use it as often as you can and tell your friends to do the same, you'll find yourself making a few bucks a month with relatively no effort, which means that if you did put effort into it you'd be making a nice penny from it in short order. Good luck and you're welcome.

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