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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LuckySearch Introduces the Super Lucky Button!!

I don't know when they did this, or how I missed it, but the good people over at the SuperPoints Network have introduced the Super Lucky Button. All you have to do is:

How to WIN with the
SuperLucky Button

Simply click the button and
see if you won a prize!

Get your friends to play
too! When any of your
connections win, you win
the same prize too!

Get 10 clicks every day for
each friend in your
network! (up to 100 per day)

How simple is that? Free points every day! I'm so in. I smell another LuckySearch points bonanza. I already had a friend win 40 points today. If everyone on your friends list did just that daily, you could conceivably earn yourself a free gift card every single day of the week if you had enough friends. This is why you need to spread the gospel of LuckySearch to everyone you know.

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