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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Free Zune HD! Get It Now!

This is a moment I've personally been waiting for. The announcement of a free Zune HD site from the best freebie givers in the world. Ever since I got my Zune for free from Club Live (now Club Bing) I've enjoyed thousands of songs, hundreds of podcasts, and a few movies and videos, plus pictures. Now, that Microsoft has announced a Zune HD I've been hoping for a way to be able to get one for free. Now here's my chance, and yours too! TraInn (Transcendent Innovations - the same people who have given me a free PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Elite and soon either a 32GB iPod Touch, or the cash equivalent) is offering the Zune in both the 16GB version and 32GB version with the 32GB coming in different colors. Oh, and there's also a cash option if you just want to make yourself some money. I'll be working my way towards trying to get a red 32GB model, it's only 6 referrals, so it shouldn't be too hard to get 6 of my friends to help out. I'll be making a helping side blog similar to those I've created for the iPod Touch, iPhone, 360 Elite, and PlayStation 3. In the meantime, if you're excited for the Zune HD like me, check out the site and get to working on your own.

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free zune hd

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