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Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Amazon Gift Card From SuperPoints *LuckySearch Update*


This actually came through a week ago as you can see in the screen capture, but I had computer and time issues, so this is my first chance at posting this. Anyway, it looks as if SuperPoints/LuckySearch has renovated the website and the way they give out prizes in general. They're still delivering and faster than most other sites, but they're not giving out as many points as they were. I've been trying to keep up with their recent winners and it looks like they're only giving out 100 points for certain random searches. Gone are the days of 250 or 500, though, they could very well be still giving those out, but in lesser quantities. The flipside could be that they're making even more winners, now. I can't exactly gauge it. So, you can still win, but you probably won't win as much. I still like the site it gives me the searches I'm looking for. It's a shame they're not what they once were, but times are hard, and I'll assume it's no easier for sites like LuckySearch. Either way, I've managed to collect $275 worth of gift cards from them and I hope to continue. (Use the search bar above to find the rest of my posts with proof) I did win some points through a friend last night. The points are still coming in, but they're not flooding in like they once were, it's more like a trickle. Do check them out, you can never have too many search and win engines. Remember that if you sign up with LuckySearch to verify your account, try searching for something, you'll find the same results as you do with ask.com or yahoo.com, then tell your friends so they can win too and in the process win some points for you. Enjoy!

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