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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Swag Bucks Gift Card Coming

I don't know if I have good luck or not, I've come to think that I don't. I think I'm fortunate, but not lucky. They might be the same thing, but I don't think they are. Either way, less than two weeks after claiming a $5 Amazon gift card using Swag Bucks, I claimed another one. The last one you can see in the post below this. It showed up in about eight days. I managed to win probably twice every day and sometimes three times. Mostly one Swag Buck, but a couple of times I got two or three and once I got four bucks. That certainly went a long way towards getting the gift card. Even better was the fact that I had one friend using the SwagBucks search engine. That certainly didn't hurt. He's now made enough to claim his own gift card (assuming that's what he's going for) and helped me significantly along the way. So, if you've got friends like that who not only like free stuff, but are willing to help you out in the short term (or long term, you can win up to 100 SwagBucks with each friend) I would highly suggest that you tell them about it. It's far better to get yourself $5 here and there than to pay that $5 that's for sure. I've made $15 already, and really just got into it about a month ago. This will make $20 and I'm already progressing to another $5 gift card this will be easy money for me, so that I can buy something nice on Amazon. Good times indeed. Thanks for reading and remember to check out SwagBucks because it's so easy, it's stupid if you're not.

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