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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swag Bucks Comes Through Again

Well, it didn't take long for me to be able to snag myself another Amazon gift card by using Swag Bucks. I should have it by next week according to them, as always I'll post a screen capture when it comes in. If you aren't using them you're missing out on a huge opportunity. This makes it $10 this month alone and all I'm doing is using the engine daily. Instead of using google or yahoo I use this. I win once or twice a day sometimes one Swag Buck sometimes more, but I win.

Picture this math:
45 Swag Bucks to get a $5 gift card
Two wins per day for two Swag Bucks (minimum, you might get luckier, and you will) makes fourteen Swag Bucks per week. Three weeks for a gift card. Not too bad, I can't remember the last time google sent me a gift card.

Now, you want to increase your chances. Here's where you need to listen up. Tell your friends about it. Tell them to do the same, you win the same Swag Bucks they do up to their first 100 Swag Bucks, so if they're winning those same 14 Bucks a week you cut your time in half. The more people you tell the faster you could really be earning gift cards. I've got a friend who probably claims about one $5 amazon gift card per day and in the past three or four months he's made about $200 just by telling everyone he knows about Swag Bucks. That's some crazy free money. I'm down with that and I know that anyone can do this.

All you need to do is sign up for Swag Bucks go to the toolbars section at the top of the page and install the search engine plug-in for the browser that you use whether that's Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Make sure that you use it every time that you need to do a search to increase your chances at winning. Then tell all your friends about it, whether that means Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, email signatures or just plain word of mouth. The more people you tell about it the better your odds are at getting prizes. Spread the word, I've been using the engine for about a year now, but only recently have gotten into heavy usage because it's just so easy to win, plus they give out daily codes for a few free bucks.

What are you waiting for, google isn't going to share the wealth, they're not going to send you a gift card for being a loyal searcher for the past few years, and you're going to get the same results from Swag Bucks, so why haven't you made the switch? I'm going on $15 in free gift cards and I'm really just getting started, so I'm going to try and get myself at least one gift card every two or three weeks if I can. As always, I'll post the proof here and you can see that I'm not BS'ing when it comes to getting free stuff because I just refuse to pay for a lot of stuff now that I know I can potentially get it free. Thanks for reading, good luck, and if you sign up for Swag Bucks thanks a bunch.

Remember my tips above and you'll be very successful.

Search & Win

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