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Saturday, March 7, 2009

SwagBucks Coming on Strong

Swagbucks - I've been using this for some time and have been promoting it just as long, but just recently they've been coming through something fierce with the prizes and promotions. It's a simple search and win engine just like LuckSearch, Winzy, and Blingo (see sidebar or use search box above for proof), but you've got a much better chance of winning everyday. Actually, you could win several times a day if you use it frequently enough. I'm not talking about 25 random searches in a row, but spread out whenever you search. They've got tons of prizes, including my favorite the amazon.com gift card. I've already gotten one from them, but I've been slowly building up my points to get another one. Of course, you've got a bigger chance of getting more and more if you tell your friends about it and they win, too. So, I'm sharing this with everyone I know. Plus, as and added bonus if you check out their blog they post daily codes so that you can pick up even more swagbucks and earn prizes even faster. It's a pretty sweet deal, you can subscribe to their RSS feed, or Twitter and they'll hook you up if you just pay attention. Oh, and if gift cards ain't your thing, how about signed stuff from your favorite artists, or sports stars, or whatever really because they've got all that and more. Please check them out, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Just remember to add them to your browser toolbar and you'll be all set to begin earning all kinds of free stuff. I've got one friend who is basically earning himself a $5 gift card everyday from Swagbucks. He's a huge follower and raking in some good free money from them with minimal effort, just the way I like it. Please check them out.

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