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Monday, March 16, 2009

Send Earnings Update - The Check Is In The Mail (Almost Anyway)

I'm approaching $26 on Send Earnings the site where they pay you to read email. At $30 I should be able to cash out, so I'm getting closer and closer everyday. I know it's only pennies at a time, but if you found $30 worth of pennies (except instead of loose or in rolls, they came in a check) you'd be pretty happy, wouldn't you? I thought so. Anyway, they've got plenty of ways to make money. Beginning with the paid emails, but you can also play games for cash, shop and earn cash back, and do surveys for pay. Like I said, it's not a get rich quick thing, but if you shop online and want to get a little bit back for doing so, this is a great site. If you'd like to join Send Earnings and help me along my road to $30 and beyond, I'd appreciate it immensely and you can do so by clicking on any link in this thread. As always, thanks for reading and as soon as that check comes in, I'll have pictures to share with you. Oh, and did I mention a $5 bonus when you sign up? Get started on your way to your first check, plus when you tell your friends you get a tiny percentage of what they make, so you can all make money.

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